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Heating Repair Geelong

In Australia, we don’t have much snow and ice, (unless your home is on Mt Kosciusko), but those chilly winds blowing off the sea can have you donning your long underwear, gloves, scarf and jacket. You probably wear them to the Geelong footy game at Simonds Stadium during the season. Afterwards it’s great coming home to a warm house.

There’s nothing worse during the winter than when your heating system blows a valve, or your central heating system stops working. For houses that have gas heaters, and you are in the Geelong area, you are going to need a plumber to come and take a look. Messing about or carrying out repairs to heating systems on your own is a recipe for disaster. Let the experts do the job for which they have been trained, licensed and in which they have the experience.

Expert Heater Repairers

It’s a good idea to have your heating systems tested, to make sure it is actually working, before the cold weather arrives. Take your core systems on a test run – your radiators or other heating appliances, because there’s nothing more frustrating than to have heaters that aren’t working when it’s freezing cold. If you need repairs done, then this is the best time to make those arrangements.

When servicing your appliance, contact Cats Plumbing & Gas Services technicians.

Your system is turned off most of the year, so make sure it’s working before that cold snap hits. You might not be able to get a plumber for an emergency call out if your heating system breaks down unexpectedly. Have your heater checked by a licensed plumber at least once a year. They will make sure that everything is working efficiently and that there are no problems. They will also check that the heater is safe and working in accordance with regulations.

Own a rental? Cats Plumbing & Gas Services can help you keep your tenant

It’s even more important if you are a landlord to make sure the central heating systems are working in your rental property in Geelong. The last thing you need is an irate tenant who is about to freeze to death!

Even as a homeowner, you don’t want your family getting cold and upset if your heating system has broken down. The bill for an emergency call out and repair is also a cost you don’t need.

At Cats Plumbing & Gas Services our policy is ‘Safety First’

From a safety point of view, it’s a good idea to ensure all is working correctly on a gas appliance to prevent any possible major accidents. For your peace of mind and warm nights at home contact Cats Plumbing & Gas Services in the Greater Geelong Area on 0458 112 211 and have one of our experts give your heating appliances a thorough check.

Brands of hot water systems we service at Cats Plumbing & Gas Services include:

Australian made appliances:

  • Bonaire/ Vulcan
  • Braemar
  • Brivis
  • Pyrox

Or other brands:

  • Lennox
  • Carrier
  • York
  • Baxi
  • Immergas
  • Sime
  • Rinnai

To feel safe as well as warm and cosy, call Cats Plumbing & Gas Services in the Greater Geelong Area on 0458 112 211 so one of our heating repairs and service experts can come and check it out for you.

Give Cats a call on 0458 112 211.