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Heating Servicing Geelong

Although Australia is seen as the sunny country, we do have some pretty harsh winters in many areas of this wide brown land, including Geelong. Those freezing winter days see us pulling on the warm woolly gloves and wrapping ourselves up in scarves and jumpers, comfy tracksuits, long johns and nice thick socks to brave the cold. It’s the southerly winds carrying the chill and cold fronts from the Antarctic that freezes us in winter, ensuring that central heating servicing in Geelong is a must.

Which is why there’s nothing more wonderful than coming in from the cold after a footy game or shopping, picking the kids up from school in the Greater Geelong are or coming in from work to a warm, comfortable home, fitted with a reliable central heating system. But what if you arrive home to find the house is freezing? Something has gone wrong with the heating, and you’re expecting visitors for dinner. You can’t believe your bad luck!

Many people take heating appliances for granted, with so many now becoming standard equipment in most buildings. With electricity prices soaring, wood stoves a thing of the past, and many kitchens now fuelled by natural gas, it’s important to get appliances fitted and serviced by licensed plumbers. It’s not only important, it is the law, since gas is such a volatile resource.

If yours is a gas heating system and you live in the Geelong region you are going to need a plumber. Whatever you do, don’t try to fix it yourself or things could get very risky. There are central heating servicing experts who are highly trained and experienced; they even have licenses to prove they know what they’re doing, and they are more than willing to help.

Expert Heater Service

To avert such catastrophes, have your heating system serviced and tested when the weather is warm and when it’s not really needed. That way you’re prepared for the long months of cold weather and less likely to become a victim of fate or Murphy’s Law. You can also have a carbon monoxide test done to safeguard you and your family from deadly gas leakages. Before you call in the service experts there’s no harm in giving your heating system a dry run to make sure it is functioning and to see whether repairs might be necessary, or have a professional come in and service it to make certain things are running the way they ought to run.

But here are some more hints to make sure your family stays warm in the cold months:

  • Have  your heater serviced

Because central heating is not turned on in the warmer months you need to make certain it is working properly for that sudden cold front. If your heating system malfunctions on a weekend or after hours, or even during the week if they’re busy and the weather has turned bad, your plumber might not be able to do an emergency repair. So the wise Geelong homeowner or renter has the central heating serviced at least annually. The plumber can also make sure yours is following regulations and working safely.

  • Renting a home

If you own a home in Geelong and rent it out you’re obliged to ensure the central heating is working in your rental property because you don’t need the tenant calling you in the middle of a winter’s night freezing because the heater has decided to play up. Emergency callouts are costly too and can be avoided by regular servicing.

  • Safety First

It’s no good being snug and warm in the living room watching television but with the nagging thought that you should have had the gas heating system serviced to keep everyone safe from major accidents.

To feel safe as well as warm and cosy, call Cats Plumbing & Gas Services in the Greater Geelong Area on 0458 112 211 so one of our heating repairs and service experts can come and check it out for you.

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