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Hot Water Repair Geelong

There’s nothing better for the soul after a hard day’s work than a luxuriant bubble bath with the water not too hot,  but just right and scented candles gently burning on the side of the tub or shelf. You just slide in and feel the stress dissolve. And to get the system charged up in the morning ready for work you can’t go past a lovely, hot shower, complete with off-key singing and a good scrub.

But when there’s suddenly no hot water the house goes into an uproar!

Considering the hot water service has to be one of the most hard working appliances in the house, running day and night all year long for the family, sometimes it needs a bit of TLC. Is it time to call someone in Geelong to repair the system? Maybe, but before you call for emergency repairs:

Check out these tips:

  • In the switchbox there’s a circuit breaker for your hot water system, so in order to see if it’s been tripped, try to turn it back on.  
  • In the hot water unit there’s a pressure relief valve with a little lever at the top of the valve which is there to test the hot water system.Try to lift the lever and let some water go through the overflow pipe. If none comes through when you lift it, then your hot water tank might just need to be topped up, so hold the lever up until water flows through.

Call your Geelong plumber or repairer when:

  • The tripped circuit breaker on your hot water system won’t stay on when you flick the switch in the box. You need a repairer.
  • The water coming from your hot water tap is only warm, though not cold. The problem  might be your thermostat. It could also be the relay switch for the off peak service. If yours is a solar system, it could be the booster. You need a repairer.
  • There’s a water leak at the base of your hot water tank. Yes, you need a repairer.
  • When you turn on the house taps no water flows out. Again, you need a repairer.
  • There’s rust at the base of the water tank. The inner tank is more than likely rusted and beyond repair. So, you will have to replace your hot water system.
  • Water continues to run from the pressure relief overflow pipe. And lifting and releasing the lever has no effect in stopping the flow. You need a repairer.
  • If your hot water system is over 10 years old. You probably need to replace it.

For emergency repairs in Geelong, Cats Plumbing & Gas Services will arrive that day in a fully stocked truck with spare parts on hand to get your hot water system back in top shape before you know it for that piping hot shower. We can also replace your tank.

At Cats Plumbing & Gas Services in Geelong, any ‘no hot-water’ emergency calls go straight to the top of the queue.

That’s because we know it’s an essential part of life. If you need to replace your tank, we stock a supply of hot water tanks, and can get one to you as soon as possible.

Brands of hot water systems we repair at Cats Plumbing & Gas Services include:

At Cats Plumbing we offer repairs on:

  • Storage hot water service
  • Continuous-flow hot water
  • Air-source heat-pump hot water

Cats Plumbing technicians can repair and install:

  • Heat pump systems
  • Electric hot water storage tanks
  • Gas hot water storage tanks
  • Continuous flow gas units
  • Solar hot water systems

To feel safe as well as warm and cosy, call Cats Plumbing & Gas Services in the Greater Geelong Area on 0458 112 211 so one of our hot water repairs and service experts can come and check it out for you.

Give Cats a call on 0458 112 211.