Air Conditioning Installation Geelong

Split system air conditioners represent the simplest and most cost-effective method of retro-fitting a home in the Geelong area. Split systems are quick and simple to install, and modern Inverter units are also energy-efficient, costing a fraction to run in comparison with older, traditional A/C units, which relied on a reciprocating compressor which was not variable-speed.

At Cats Plumbing, we recommend the installation of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, or Hitachi split system air-conditioners, as these products represent excellent mix of performance, efficiency and value for money. We would, however be happy to install any brand the client prefers.

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Aircon Install Geelong – Split System Air Conditioning Installations Geelong

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Air conditioning installation Geelong

How Air Conditioning Works

A refrigerated air conditioner manipulates a refrigerant gas in what is known as the “Refrigeration Cycle”. A split system air conditioner uses two separate units, one indoor, and one outdoor, joined in between by piping and wiring, to “condition” the air in the space within the Geelong home.

A refrigerant is, in basic terms, a liquid which is volatile, in other words it boils at a very low temperature, usually just below 0 degrees celsius. An air conditioner uses this refrigerant at varying pressures in order to control its state- ie, wether it is a liquid or a gas.

In a nut shell, when refrigerant is converted from a liquid to a gas, it absorbs heat-energy. Then, when that gas is converted back into a liquid, it gives-up that heat-energy.

So, the “indoor unit” converts the liquid to a gas, drawing excess heat energy out of the air-conditioned space whilst it does so. The heated gas then runs through piping, to the “outdoor unit”, where a compressor compresses the gas back into a liquid, and a fan blows outdoor air over the piping, and the refrigerant gives up all that heat-energy, before heading through the piping back towards the indoor unit, to begin the cycle all over again.

Benefits of Split System air-conditioners


Older, non-inverter style A/C units used work at either 100% operation, or completely off.
This means that the outdoor unit, primarily the compressor, would tend to cut in and back out frequently, resulted in “saw-tooth” power consumption.
This is called “short-cycling”, and is the least efficient way for any cooling (or heating) appliance to run.
Modern Inverter A/C units use a variable-speed compressor to avoid this cycling effect. When the unit is close to achieving the design-temperature for the indoor space, the inverter slows-down the compressor speed, so as effectively maintain a better, more constant temperature in the indoor space, and to prevent costly cycling, which drives up power bills, and also shortens component-life within the unit.


The Geelong area contains many older, established housing which was not designed adequately for heating or cooling needs.
Some of this housing has insufficient space, either in the roof, or under the house, to install central, ducted heating or cooling effectively. A split system air conditioner is ideally suited to this type of Geelong area home, as the indoor and outdoor units can be installed remotely from one another to suit limited-space issues, with only a small pass through the wall from outside to inside required, to pass the two pipes an control-cabling.
Another advantage of having maybe two or three seperate units is energy-efficiency; you can choose to only pay to cool, or heat the space in the house where you are at that time, ie the living-area during the day, and the sleeping area at night, rather than paying to cool or heat the whole house at once.

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