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To feel cool and relaxed this summer call Cats Plumbing & Gas Services in the Greater Geelong Area on 0458 112 211 so one of our cooling air conditioning repairs and service experts can come and check your appliance for you. That way you’re ready for the summer heat.

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Cats Plumbing cooling unit and air conditioning experts can help with repairs to the following makes of evaporative cooler:

  • Braemar
  • Breezair
  • Brivis
  • Coolair
  • Bonaire
  • Celair
  • Coolbreeze
Air conditioning repair servicing technician

Yes, Australia is a sunburnt country and with many heatwaves last year, it was a wonder the air conditioners and cooling units could keep up in Geelong. Many of them didn’t, so make sure your cooling device is repaired and ready to blast you with life-saving icy air when nature decides to try to cook us all this coming summer.

What is the difference between evaporative cooling and air conditioning?

  • Air conditioning is often referred to as air-con and it works by removing heat from a confined room using a sealed refrigerant gas system, which is converted from a gas to a liquid and back again. The heat will be transferred from the air inside the room to the outside air by using such a gas.
  • Evaporative cooling is one of the earliest forms of temperature control still in use. A simple example of evaporative cooling is when you leave a pool or cold shower and feel the cool breeze on your skin.

There are many moving parts in the construction and functioning of evaporative cooling units and just as other machinery is prone to wear and tear or damage due to harsh conditions, they can stop working. And it’s a myth that cooling devices are self cleaning. They need maintenance and servicing like any other machine and if repairs are needed it’s best to catch them before they become more costly.

Problems can occur when a cooling device has to work hard such as in high temperatures, in storms and gale force winds. In such conditions they work like crazy to keep us feeling cool and comfy, but they can break down. If this happens and you live in the greater Geelong area you will need to call air con repair experts like Cats Plumbing. We have the experience, training and expertise to come to the rescue.

Expert Air Con Repair Technicians

If your air conditioning unit struggled to keep the house cool in the heatwaves of 2015/16 you don’t necessarily have to race out and buy a newer, state-of-the-art model. This is because the size of your air con should suit the size of the area you want to cool – so bigger isn’t always the way to go for more efficiency.

Consider the position of your unit in the room in Geelong. If it’s placed so that the direct sunlight hits it for most of the day, you can’t expect it to be efficient. Make sure you have the blinds down, or thick curtains drawn to block out the sun. Or have the air con moved to an area where the sun isn’t affecting it directly.

Another thing (apart from the need for repairs) that can cause your air conditioner to become confused is draughts, also insulation that isn’t up to scratch, around windows. Heavy curtains can be a cheap way of correcting this.

However, the major reason most air conditioners break down is because they’re not well maintained or serviced regularly, or they need to be repaired by a reputable plumber or air conditioning expert in Geelong area. You can bet your air con will run more efficiently with a new filter, for a start. Regular maintenance can mean small problems are picked up and repaired before they blossom into major emergencies on a weekend.

At Cats our friendly staff are all highly qualified technicians, fully licensed experts in the field of air conditioners and cooling units. No problem is too big or too small. We service and repair all kinds of cooling and air con systems, be they commercial or residential, across the greater Geelong region.

Maintenance and repairs

Our technicians are trained to trouble-shoot and diagnose any potential problems you may have with your cooler. We have the necessary product experience to diagnose and repair any and all major models of cooling appliances in the Geelong area.

We carry a comprehensive stock of necessary parts, such as:

Motors, pumps, pulleys, belts drain-valves, solenoids, control-boxes, etc.

Since you and your family will be inhaling the air that comes from your unit, it is a wise person who has it serviced so it is sanitised and clean. Regular service can spot minor snags before they become big ones so when it’s boiling outside, your unit will perform as it should.

During a service we:

  • Replace worn belts and pulleys, or just tension them correctly
  • Correctly adjust motor pulleys to control motor amp-draw, and thus prevent blowing fuses on hot days
  • Attend to motors and fan hubs with noisy bearings before they malfunction

Inspect filter-pads and cooler trays, clean and disinfect them or replace pads if required after quoting a price for the job