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To feel cool and comfortable this summer call Cats Plumbing & Gas Services in the Greater Geelong Area on 0458 112 211 so one of our cooling air conditioning service experts can come and take a look at your appliance to make sure you’re ready for the summer heat.

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Cats Plumbing cooling unit and air conditioning experts can service the following makes of coolers:

  • Braemar
  • Breezair
  • Brivis
  • Coolair
  • Bonaire
  • Celair
  • Coolbreeze
Air conditioning repair servicing technician

This Summer looks as if it’s going be another hot one in Geelong, so if your cooling system needs a service, now is the time to act with our expert air conditioning service Geelong technicians.  If you leave it too late you could find yourself in a sticky situation, without cooling in a roasting hot summer. If last summer is any guide, you will definitely need your cooling system running at peak performance, so get it checked for minor problems and keep it maintained by having it serviced by a reputable Geelong plumber. During last season’s extra long heat waves many cooling systems didn’t keep up because they needed a good service. So, be ready to find relief in a cool space and a cool house by getting your air conditioner or cooling system serviced by Cats Plumbing, who service the greater Geelong area.

How do air conditioners and evaporative cooling systems work to cool the air?

  • Air conditioning or ‘air con’ removes heat from a confined space with the use of refrigerant gases. The gasses in the  air con unit easily convert to a liquid and back to a gas again. The heat is transferred from the air inside the space to the outside air by using this refrigerant gas. The air conditioner will have three main parts: a condenser, a compressor, and an evaporator.
  • A simple example of evaporative cooling is when you hop out of the swimming pool and feel the air on your skin which cools you as it evaporates. Evaporative cooling works as follows: hot and dry air is pumped through water-soaked pads. When this happens the water in the pads is evaporated and the heat in the air is absorbed. This lowers the air temperature. This cool air is then pushed through the system by fans into rooms.

So, to cool the air in a confined space, an evap cooler pumps water onto a cooling pad, which then becomes very wet. The fan in the unit draws air from outside and through the wet pad, cooling the air as it passes through.

There are a lot of moving parts in the construction of cooling units. Just as other machinery suffers from wear and tear, or they are neglected or damaged from overuse, they can stop working unless they are serviced by a reputable tradesperson. Some people are under the misconception that cooling units clean themselves. They do not. They need regular maintenance and servicing like any other machine.

You can have problems with your unit if the cooling device has to work hard in rough conditions such as very high temperatures or strong winds. Because they have to work extra hard to keep us cool and refreshed in these conditions they can break down. If your evap cooling unit suddenly stops working and you live in the greater Geelong area you will need to call a  cooling unit expert such as those at Cats Plumbing. We have the experience, training and expertise to come to the rescue.


Aircon Servicing Experts

If your air conditioning unit struggled to keep you cool in last Summer’s heatwaves you don’t necessarily have to race out and buy an expensive new unit. Not if the the size of your air con unit suits the size of the area you want to cool – bigger isn’t always the way to go for more efficiency. Consider where your air con unit is situated in the room. If it’s in direct sunlight for the major part of the day it will affect its efficiency. Keep the blinds down or get some thick curtains and draw them to block out the sun to help your air conditioner work properly in Geelong. You could move the unit to a location where the sun doesn’t hit it directly, but curtains are a good and cost effective way to assist the air conditioning unit in keeping the house cool.

Another thing (apart from the need for servicing) that can cause your air con to become confused is insulation that isn’t quite up to scratch, even small gaps around windows can affect this. Again, heavy curtains can correct this problem. But it usually comes back to the old bugbear of servicing, or the lack thereof. It is the major reason most air conditioners fail to perform correctly. They do need to be serviced at least once a year by a reputable plumber or air conditioning expert in Geelong. You can put money on it that your machine will run more efficiently with a new pads, for a start. Regular servicing can be the difference between a smooth running air con or a major drama and call-out when you most need to be cool.

At Cats Plumbing, our friendly staff are all fully licensed experts in the field of air conditioners and cooling systems and are highly qualified technicians. No job is too big or too small for us. We service and repair all kinds of cooling and air con systems, and we cover the greater Geelong region.

Servicing your cooling system or air con

Because you and your family want to inhale healthy air in your home when the cooling system is on, it’s another reason you should have your air con or cooling system serviced regularly so it is sanitised and clean. And regular servicing can spot minor problems before they grow into large ones so make sure that when the heat is on, your unit will perform as it should.

During a service we:

  • Replace worn belts and pulleys, or simply correctly tension them
  • Adjust motor pulleys properly to control motor amp-draw, and so prevent the unit from blowing a fuse on sweltering days
  • Correct and attend to motors and fan hubs with noisy bearings before they get to the stage of malfunction
  • Do an inspection of cooler trays and filter-pads and clean and disinfect them or replace worn pads if required after quoting a price