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Don’t Bust Your Boiler – Try These Maintenance Tips

Posted on: March 21, 2022 by
Ian Scott.
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Don’t Bust Your Boiler: Try These Maintenance Tips

Don’t Bust Your Boiler: Try These Maintenance Tips

To keep your hot water system working efficiently and at its optimal level, it needs to be maintained. Hot water systems are a vital part of your home, providing a constant supply of hot water and household comfort and warmth. However, far too often the tanks in your hot water system need the plumber called in to repair them when they cease to function. This is where regular maintenance carried out either by your plumber can help prevent such failures and save you money. Maintenance can help avoid accidents and raise the level of household safety and extend the lifespan of your hot water system.

Water level checks are vital

A vital part of your hot water system maintenance regime is to have the water levels checked at least once every two weeks. Your hot water system has to continue to function and without proper water levels it can be damaged beyond repair, potentially causing an accident that could endanger your family. Make sure the pilot light is burning while you check the water level in the tank and if the level is low you must have the plumbing checked and repaired if there is a fault in the system. Usually all it needs is a few minor adjustments.


During normal functioning of your hot water boiler some leaks can appear. Fuel or gas can leak from the valves and it often gives some indication that there are adjustments that need to be carried out on the system. Call your plumber for repairs or replacement if you find some worn or damaged parts on your hot water system.

Flues and air vents

If the air vents are blocked it will prevent the hot water system from working properly or at its best, especially if your system is run on gas. Accumulated dirt in flues or air vents can cause such a blockage. So, it’s advisable to have them checked regularly and clear the obstructions to let the air flow freely.


Extreme limescale or calcium buildup can be caused by hard water in the tank which prevents it from working properly. Accumulated calcium buildup or limescale can impede the heating capacity of the hot water system so if you see any, you will have to get your plumber fix this. The symptoms can be a reduced flow of water, lower or fluctuating water temperature, or all of the above. You will need to have your hot water tank descaled if there be too much limescale inside. Limescale is the chalky, off white coloured deposit found in the boilers or tanks in a hot water systems and kettles and is also found inside old pipes. Limescale is caused by the evaporation of hard water which contains high levels of calcium and magnesium.


For the smooth and reliable operation of your hot water system, as with most mechanisms, regular lubrication is a must. Routine lubrication will greatly benefit your system’s ability to function and also to support its capacity to work effectively. Fans and pumps for instance, which are moving parts need to be oiled. So don’t wait for a malfunction, call your plumber for regular maintenance.

Clea The Dust

Due to the operations of the hot water system, dust can quickly and easily accumulate in the area where the system is set up. Be sure to clear any dust, and this applies particularly to the parts of the tank itself, since gathered dust will prevent the hot water system from functioning properly. The fan can develop a build up of a lot of dust so make sure it’s cleared.


As part of your regular maintenance regime, have your plumber about once every six months or so, flush all the water from the hot water system tank. The best time to do this is in winter when the system is working at full throttle. Flushing removes a lot of built-up grit, calcium, dirt and limescale. After your plumber has flushed all the hot water out of the boiler, it will be cleaned inside as thoroughly as possible and the gaskets will be replaced before the tank or boiler is filled up again.

Yearly Hot Water System Check

Your hot water system will benefit greatly by being checked by a registered plumber or hot water system specialist once a year to be sure of its safety and efficiency. The plumber can foresee any current or potential problems and fix them for you. After such an inspection, a safety certificate will be issued.

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