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Cats Plumbing and Gas Services is a family business, with a wealth of knowledge, and a proven track record of looking after clients from all over the Greater Geelong region.If you’re looking for ducted heating servicing and hydronic heating Geelong you’re in the right place.

Having over 25 years experience in the residential, commercial and even high-rise maintenance business, we are well placed to explain and provide any and all preventative maintenance and repair solutions you may require.

Our head technician has in excess of 27 years in the heating & cooling and gas appliance repair industry.

  • Family run and owned business

  • Over 25 years experience

  • All heating systems repaired and serviced

  • Ducted heating servicing

  • Space Heating & Wall Furnaces

  • Hydronic Panel & Slab Heating

  • Have  your heater serviced

Because central heating is not turned on in the warmer months you need to make certain it is working properly for that sudden cold front. If your heating system malfunctions on a weekend or after hours, or even during the week if they’re busy and the weather has turned bad, your plumber might not be able to do an emergency repair. So the wise Geelong homeowner or renter has the central heating serviced at least annually. The plumber can also make sure yours is following regulations and working safely.

  • Renting a home

If you own a home in Geelong and rent it out you’re obliged to ensure the central heating is working in your rental property because you don’t need the tenant calling you in the middle of a winter’s night freezing because the heater has decided to play up. Emergency callouts are costly too and can be avoided by regular servicing.

  • Safety First

It’s no good being snug and warm in the living room watching television but with the nagging thought that you should have had the gas heating system serviced to keep everyone safe from major accidents.

Carbon monoxide testing is a vital tool, to be used in conjunction with heater maintenance, to ensure the safety of all occupants of the property. Cats Plumbing & Gas Services are ready to help, with carbon monoxide testing throughout the Greater Geelong area. for more information on carbon monoxide, please check out our blog, which goes some way to explain the risks involved in neglecting regular heater servicing.

At Cats Plumbing & Gas Services, we’re also Geelong’s Hydronic heating servicing experts

Our head technician has over 25 years experience working on hydronic systems and the boilers that heat them. We can service hydronic heating systems, repair leaking radiator panels, service boilers anywhere in the Greater Geelong area. For more information about servicing hydronic heating systems in the Geelong area, check out our blog.

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To feel safe as well as warm and cosy, call Cats Plumbing & Gas Services in the Greater Geelong Area on 0458 112 211 so one of our heating repairs and service experts can come and check it out for you.

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Although Australia is seen as the sunny country, we do have some harsh winters in many parts of this huge land, including Geelong. Those freezing winter days see us pulling on the gloves and wrapping ourselves up in extra warm clothing to brave the cold. It’s the southerly winds carrying the chill and cold fronts from the Antarctic that freezes us in winter, ensuring that central heating servicing in Geelong is a must.

Hydronic Heating Geelong

What is a hydronic heating system?

Hydronic heating systems use a water-based medium to transmit heat-energy from where it is generated, ie a hydro boiler, to where it is needed, ie the internal radiator panels, or under floor coils. Water is an ideal substance for this heating application, it is readily available, relatively cheap, non-toxic and also non-flammable. It also has one of the highest heat storage capacities available.

Advantages of Hydro Heating Systems

  • clean operation
  • quiet operation
  • comfort
  • energy efficient
  • design and flexibility

A brief history of hydronic heating

Todays hydronic heating systems have come a long way from the humble beginnings of this type of heating system.

A monastery in Greenland is responsible for the first documented use of using hot water to heat the property. Hot spring water was used to heat the buildings, dated towards the end of the 14th century and in the 1700s, the first boiler-fed hot-water heating system was built in France.

The first engineering handbook for hydronic heating came out of London in 1837, and was the gold standard for almost 50 years.

Early hydronic heating systems had no pump, or means of forcing water through the piping, instead relying on “gravity-fed” systems, with the boilers installed down in the basements, and operating purely because heat rises. Needless to say, the early systems were tricky to use safely, and not without risk- this was a new method of heating, and much was yet to be understood about how to build in safety & reliability.

Radiator panels, as we know them, date back to 1863, and were a series of vertical iron pipes threaded in to a metal base. The original, sectional cast-iron rad came a few years later, in 1874, and soon became very popular.

Modern day hydronic heating

Happily, the good folks of Geelong can rest assured that when it comes to their hydronic heating systems, technology has come a long way since the bad old days.

Todays hydronic heating systems are available with cutting-edge, high efficiency heat sources, such as condensing boilers, ground and air-source geo-thermal heat-pumps, even solar collectors can be used, in conjunction with buffer-tanks, to harvest heat energy, use that energy to heat the water, and then use that water to heat homes, in the most comfortable way possible.

For any and all of your hydronic heating maintenance or hydronic heating repairs, please contact Cats Plumbing & Gas Services, any time.

Expert Ducted Heating Servicing Geelong

Which is why there’s nothing more wonderful than coming in from the cold after a footy game or shopping, picking the kids up from school in the Greater Geelong are or coming in from work to a warm, comfortable home, fitted with a reliable central heating system. But what if you arrive home to find the house is freezing? Something has gone wrong with the heating, and you’re expecting visitors for dinner. You can’t believe your bad luck!

Many people take heating appliances for granted, with so many now becoming standard equipment in most buildings. With electricity prices soaring, wood stoves a thing of the past, and many kitchens now fuelled by natural gas, it’s important to get appliances fitted and serviced by licensed plumbers. It’s not only important, it is the law, since gas is such a valuable resource.

If yours is a gas heating system and you live in the Geelong region you are going to need a gas plumber. Whatever you do, avoid DIY repairs or things could get very risky. There are central heating servicing experts who are highly trained and experienced; they are fully licensed, and they are more than willing to help.

Expert Ducted Heating Service Geelong

To avert such situations, have your heating system serviced and tested when the weather is warm and when it’s not really needed. That way you’re prepared for the long months of cold weather and less likely to be caught out when the weather turns cold. We always include a carbon monoxide test to safeguard you and your family from potentially dangerous gas leakages. Before you call in the service experts there’s no harm in giving your ducted heating system a dry run to make sure it is functioning and to see whether repairs might be necessary, or have our professionals come in and service it to make certain things are running the way they ought to run.