Hot Water Servicing Geelong

About Us

Cats Plumbing and Gas Services is a family business, with a wealth of knowledge, and a proven track record of looking after clients from all over the Greater Geelong region.

Having over 25 years experience in the residential, commercial and even high-rise maintenance business, we are well placed to explain and provide any and all preventative maintenance and repair solutions you may require.

Our head technician has in excess of 27 years in the heating & cooling and gas appliance repair industry.

Brands of Hot Water Units we service include;

  • Dux
  • Bosch
  • Vulcan
  • Rheem
  • Rinnai
  • Chromagen

At Cats Plumbing we offer servicing in the greater Geelong area on:

  • Storage hot water service
  • Continuous-flow hot water
  • Air-source heat-pump hot water

Cats Plumbing technicians carry out servicing, and can install:

  • Heat pump systems
  • Gas hot water storage tanks
  • Electric hot water storage tanks
  • Continuous flow gas units
  • Solar hot water systems
hot water repair servicing Geelong

Expert Hot Water Servicing technicians in Geelong

Your hot water system is one of the hardest-working appliances in your home, and it can potentially break down at any time. But you can bet it will always be at the worst time. For example, just as half a dozen kids arrive for a sleepover in your Geelong home, or you’re halfway through a shower when your hair is full of shampoo, or when you need that hot bath to de-stress after a hard day. Our plumbers hear lots of stories about how someone has been rushing to get to an urgent appointment, they leap into the shower and turn on the hot tap but what comes out is freezing water on a cold winter’s morning… not good.

Then your spouse reminds you that you were supposed to book in for a hot water system servicing last month? Well, they don’t say ‘I told you so’ but you know what they’re thinking.

Whether it’s laundry day or you’re cleaning up after a wild party, you have to have hot water and to do your level best to make sure you do, you must have your hot water system serviced regularly. Your system has to continue working hard for you day and night, 365 days a year every year until it wears out, so it needs some TLC. Trained, experienced and fully licensed plumbers at Cats Plumbing & Gas Services can service your hot water system and make your life much easier.

When servicing your appliance, Cats Plumbing & Gas Services technicians can:

  • clean and adjust flame sensors and ignition
  • clean main burners and gas pilot  
  • check and adjust incoming and gas burner pressure
  • test the operation of pressure relief valves and any other overpressure protection devices
  • test that incoming cold water pressure meets specs
  • inspect solar panels and if necessary clean them and check for leaks
  • test the operation of solar pumps

Emergency Hot Water Servicing

“Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

Mark Twain

Hot water systems can still break down no matter what you do. However, to lessen the chances of an emergency servicing callout when something goes wrong with your hot water service in Geelong, have it serviced regularly.

If you have an emergency and live in the greater Geelong area, Cats Plumbing & Gas Services has a policy of listing ‘no hot water’ callouts as a priority so you can be sure a plumber will be there as soon as possible for the servicing of your appliance, usually the same day. This is because we know that hot water is not a luxury in modern life, but a necessity for health and wellbeing.

To feel safe and keep enjoying those hot showers, call Cats Plumbing & Gas Services in the Greater Geelong Area on 0458 112 211 so one of our hot water repairs and service experts can come and check it out for you.

Give Cats a call on 0458 112 211.