Looking for air conditioner installation in Geelong? We’ve got just the read for you! Find out how these amazing units can benefit you as well as how to best prepare for installation.

Why You Need An Air Conditioner In Your Life 

  • An air conditioner provides you with better quality air.
  • It helps to prevent heat-related illness and death. This device can be a life-saver in ever-increasing hot climates.
  • We all know that pesky insects love crawling through open windows in the heat of Summer. So keep the bugs at bay when you use an aircon. This allows you to cool down without leaving the windows open to unwanted visitors.
  • With an air conditioner, you can moderate the temperature of your room and enjoy better sleep.
  • An aircon is the perfect accompaniment to working from home. Not only can you remain cool whilst getting through daily tasks, but with a moderate room, your electronics are guaranteed not to overheat.

How To Best Prepare For Air Conditioner Installation

Shop around to find a good balance between affordability and quality workmanship when ordering a new air conditioner. We offer a wide range of split system air conditioners and would be happy to provide you with an obligation free quote. Our systems are not only quick and easy to install, but they’re energy-efficient too!

To best prepare for an installation, there are a couple of things you can do:

  • Firstly you need to decide on where you’d like to position the unit. Consider where it may be of most use and then make adjustments to the space from there.
  • Start by clearing a path for one of our contractors so that property damage is limited. The unit can then be easily transported to the room.
  • Clean and seal your ducts so that they are free of dust particles that may interfere with the flow of air once your unit has been installed. Uncleaned ducts tend to affect the quality of air negatively.