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Hydronic Heating

Posted on: March 21, 2022 by
Neil Forrester.
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What is a Hydronic Heating System…?

Hydronic heating systems use water to move heat energy form where it is produced to where it is needed. Heat energy is is absorbed by the water at a heat source, conveyed by the water through piping, and released into the desired space by a heat emitter, usually a radiator panel. Many residents of the Greater Geelong area have already embraced hydronic heating systems in their homes.

Water is ideal for such an application; it is readily available, non-toxic, non-flammable, and has one of the highest heat-storage abilities of any material known to man.


Advantages of Hydronic Heating

  • Comfort
  • Energy savings
  • Clean operation
  • Quiet operation

Hydronic Heating Comfort

Hydronic heating systems successfully not just the air, but the surroundings of the space entirely. The floor, walls, ceiling, and all furnishings in the space gain heat, which contributes to maximum levels of comfort to the people in the heated space.

Hydronic Heating Energy Savings

Experience has shown that otherwise identical buildings can have significantly different rates of heat loss based on the types of heating system installed. Buildings with hydronic heating systems have consistently shown lower heat energy use than equivalent buildings with forced-air heating systems. Winters in Geelong can be quite uncomfortably cold, and heating bill reduction is always an important consideration.

Clean Operation

A common complaint about forced-air heating is its ability to move dust and lint throughout a building. This contamination does not happen with hydronic heating, which is why most hospitals and care facilities use hydronic heat.

Quiet Operation

A properly designed and installed hydronic heat system can operate with virtually undetectable sound levels in the occupied areas of the home. Modern systems that use constant circulation with variable water temperature minimise expansion noises that can occur when high temperature water is injected directly into a room-temperature radiator panel.

As with any type of heating system, hydronic heat systems require periodic maintenance, servicing and perhaps repair. Anyone with hydronic heating in Geelong, or the Greater Geelong area, can feel free to contact Cats Plumbing & Gas Services for assistance. At Cats Plumbing & Gas Services, we have the expertise and experience you need to carry out any servicing & repairs to your hydronic system, including boiler repairs or boiler servicing, radiator panel repair or replacement, system flushing, or even boiler replacement as required.

Hydronic Heating

Are you interested in learning how hydronic heating can improve the effeciency of your Geelong home heating system? Get in touch today or call 0458 112 211.


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