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Landlord Gas & Electrical Safety Inspections

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Gas safety valves installed correctly.

Negative gas pressure test.

Check condition of appliance and flue.

Carbon monoxide spillage test.

Inspection of all gas burners and flame normality.

Check for gas leaks.

Up to 3 gas appliances included.

Detailed report valid for 2 years.

Check the earthing condition for the household electrical wiring

Polarity and correct testing on all cables

Earthing on all cables and outlets

Correct operation of RCDS and trip time

Smoke alarms installed and correctly positioned

The manufacture date of smoke alarms cannot be more than 10 years old and must be tested yearly.

Landlord Gas Safety Checks - Greater Geelong

I am thrilled to share my exceptional experience with Cats Plumbing’s gas & electrical safety check service! As a private landlord managing three properties in Geelong, rental safety is my top priority, and Cats Plumbing has truly exceeded my expectations.

Their team, led by the knowledgeable Ian Scott, displayed professionalism and expertise during the gas inspections. The comprehensive service not only ensures compliance with the latest regulations but more importantly, it provides me with invaluable peace of mind knowing that my properties gas appliances are safe and in optimal condition.

Cats Plumbing’s commitment to excellence make them my first choice for gas and electrical safety inspections. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Cats Plumbing to other landlords looking for a reputable gas safety service.

Martin Shaw

Landlord | Geelong

What We Offer

A fully compliant, rigorous & affordable gas safety check service.

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Landlord Gas Safety Checks Geelong

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Get the protection you need with our gas safety service. Secure & Compliant Gas Safety Checks!

In adherence to the latest gas safety regulations effective March 2021, Cats Plumbing is your trusted partner for gas safety checks in Greater Geelong, The Bellarine Peninsula, and Surf Coast Shire. As a landlord, it’s crucial to comply with the biennial gas safety check requirement, especially when there’s tenant turnover or a new lease signing within the two-year period.

Our comprehensive service includes a negative pressure test, examination of gas isolation valves, and inspection of LPG cylinders and associated components to detect leaks. We meticulously check all gas appliances supplied by landlords, such as gas cooktops and heaters. Additionally, our gas safety checks encompass a combustion spillage test to identify the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) in the property.

Rest easy knowing that our experienced technicians, equipped with Type A licenses, will record all pertinent data in a detailed compliance report. Cats Plumbing ensures your property is not just compliant but also safe and comfortable for your tenants.

Cats Plumbing: Your Trusted Shield for Gas Safety Checks!

At Cats Plumbing, we understand the paramount importance of ensuring your rental property is not just compliant but safe and comfortable for your tenants. With over three decades of dedicated service in Greater Geelong, The Bellarine Peninsula, and Surf Coast Shire, we’ve become the go-to experts for landlord gas safety checks.

Choosing Cats Plumbing for your biennial gas safety checks means securing a team of experienced technicians, each holding Type A licenses for comprehensive compliance. We go beyond the basics, performing negative pressure tests, meticulously checking gas isolation valves, LPG cylinders, and associated components to detect any leaks. All gas appliances supplied by landlords undergo thorough scrutiny, from cooktops to heaters. Our service also includes a crucial gas combustion spillage test, identifying any presence of carbon monoxide (CO).

With Cats Plumbing, you’re not just ticking off a compliance requirement; you’re investing in the safety, well-being, and satisfaction of your tenants. Trust us to make your property a haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if an appliance is deemed unsafe?

In the event an appliance is deemed unsafe during our inspection, Cats Plumbing will promptly provide detailed recommendations for replacement or repair. This information will be communicated to the rental provider or their agent. It's essential to note that, in certain cases, tenants may also be informed if an appliance requires immediate disconnection due to safety concerns.

What occurs if a gas leak is detected?

Detecting a gas leak involves assessing various scenarios. Should a drop in gas pressure be identified between the meter and the appliance, indicating a potential gas line leak, safety regulations necessitate the immediate shutdown of the gas supply. While pinpointing the leak's exact location is often challenging due to underground lines, Cats Plumbing will recommend repair or replacement options promptly.

What documentation is provided after a gas safety check?

In compliance with new legislation effective June 2022, Cats Plumbing furnishes both the gas safety checklist and a copy of the online Victorian Building Authority (VBA) servicing record. It's crucial to note that, unlike previous requirements, rental providers are now obligated to complete both documents to meet the updated regulations.

Who is qualified to perform the gas safety check?

Gas safety checks at Cats Plumbing are conducted by licensed plumbers and gas fitters with the specialised "Type A Appliance Servicing" endorsement on their VBA license. This endorsement is granted upon successful completion of the CPCGS4022A competency unit. Trust in our qualified experts to ensure the safety and compliance of your gas appliances.