Commercial Kitchen Appliance Commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance

Repairs & Maintenance Commercial kitchen appliance maintenance repairs Geelong

Commercial Cooktop Repairs & Maintenance commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance

Commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance Geelong. Cooktop appliances must be properly maintained and cared for in order to avoid them working inefficiently, malfunctioning or breaking. Keeping your cooktop in good working order with proper repairs and maintenance is much less expensive than replacing the entire thing after it breaks for good. Cats Plumbing repairs and maintains cooktops of all different brands and varieties. There are many signs that your cooktop could need repairs or maintenance. Those signs include:

Commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance

  • Are you having trouble with burners that won’t turn on?

  • Is your food cooking unevenly all of a sudden?

  • Can you smell gas escaping or smell any other strange odours?

  • Can you smell or see smoke when you’re using your cooktop?

  • Can you hear strange noises such as constant or unexpected clicking sounds?

  • Is the digital display flickering or fading?

  • Do you have a burner that won’t switch off?

  • Do you find that your burner won’t heat up all the way?

If you’re having any kind of trouble with your cooktop, get in touch with Cats Plumbing. Our expert team of qualified, professional technicians will be able to help with your commercial kitchen cooktop repairs and maintenance.

Commercial Grill Repairs & Maintenance Commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance

Commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance

Grills are one of the most frequently used devices in commercial kitchens and are heavily relied upon. As many kitchens rely on their grills, having one break down or even simply not working at its best capacity can be devastating! A broken or inefficient grill can mean a commercial kitchen that is not functional and result in delayed service or even a complete kitchen shut down. Keep your grill in good condition with Cats Plumbing’s expert commercial kitchen grill repairs and maintenance services. We specialise in the servicing and repairing grills of all makes, models and brands, and we offer our clients quality maintenance services to ensure that their grills work efficiently.

Appliances should be serviced a minimum of once per year, though grills that undergo heavy use should be maintained more frequently. Our team can help advise on an appropriate preventative maintenance and service plan at a frequency that suits your needs, schedule and budget. A well-maintained grill is a key component in ensuring a safe, clean and healthy cooking experience in your kitchen. Trust your grill in the hands of Cats Plumbing’s professional team to ensure that you are never without the trusted services of your valued grill.

Commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance

Commercial Hotplate Repairs & Maintenance Commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance

Hotplates are a great addition to any commercial kitchen. Cooking on a hotplate is an incredibly quick and easy activity, with even heat distribution, high output and, best of all, fast and simple cleaning. Another huge advantage of a commercial hotplate is that they take up considerably less space than a commercial kitchen range. On the whole, a hotplate is a very reliable kitchen appliance. However, as with any appliance, continual use can cause your hotplate to deteriorate over time and start malfunctioning.

As with most appliances, hotplates should receive a preventative maintenance service at least once per year, though it may need more frequent attention depending on the brand, make and model or if it is used more often than normal. Cats Plumbing has extensive experience in a wide variety of commercial kitchen repairs and servicing and is a top choice for commercial kitchen hotplate repairs and maintenance in Geelong. With our years of work in the industry, we have the expertise to provide repairs and maintenance for just about any make, model, type and brand of commercial fryer. With Cats Plumbing’s commercial kitchen equipment maintenance, your hotplate will be safe and in good working order for years to come!

Commercial Fryer Repairs & Maintenance Commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance

No matter the commercial fryer you have in your kitchen, proper preventative maintenance and repairs will ensure the longevity of your appliance. Fryers are often one of the most frequently used pieces of equipment in any commercial kitchen, used for any type of fried food from chips to battered fish. Being a commercial kitchen appliance that has a lot of use, it’s not uncommon for fryers to act up over time. You may notice that your fryer stops working efficiently or breaks down completely. To keep your kitchen running smoothly, you should be aware of signs to look out for that you need commercial kitchen fryer repairs and maintenance:

  • Is the thermostat inaccurate or broken?
  • Is the pilot light (the part that ignites the gas that heats the oil) faulty?
  • Has the thermopile (the fryer’s heating component) stopped working?
  • Is the oil looking dirty due to a broken oil filter?
  • Are the burners flickering, refusing to light or otherwise blocked?

A well-functioning kitchen relies on its fryers remaining well functioning and safe to use. At Cats Plumbing, we offer fryer repairs and maintenance on fryers of all sizes, brands, models and types. With our expert team, your fryer will stay in top working condition.

Commercial Oven Repairs & Maintenance Commercial kitchen appliance repairs maintenance

At Cats Plumbing, we will keep your oven working better than ever before with our fast, effective and reliable oven repairs and maintenance services. A good commercial oven can be quite costly, but it’s an expense that is usually well worth it! When it comes to any commercial kitchen appliance, a good oven is certainly a worthwhile investment for any business in the food industry. No matter how good the quality of your oven, regular preventative maintenance and repairs are essential to keep the appliance in good working order. Signs your commercial oven may need repairs include:

  • Have you been having electrical issues with the oven?
  • Has the heating element stopped working properly?
  • Is the oven taking longer than usual to preheat?
  • Have you found that food is burning or undercooking frequently?
  • Have you noticed a gas smell or strange noises?
  • Has there been trouble opening and/or closing the oven door?

Our qualified technicians have extensive familiarity with commercial kitchen oven repairs, with a wide range of various types, sizes and brands of ovens. Whatever the problem with your oven, the Cats Plumbing team can surely fix it! With our expert commercial kitchen equipment maintenance experience, you can be sure that your appliances will work properly and safely, maximising your turnover and prolonging its overall lifespan.

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