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Victorian Energy Upgrades Programs

Split System Install & Energy Rebates For Households

Cut power bills and reduce emissions with energy saving split system units + Victorian Energy Upgrades program

Every Victorian household can participate in the program and be eligible for incentives for energy-efficient products and services.

** Cats pluming is an accredited installer under the program. Energy Saver Plus is an Accredited Provider under the VEU program. **

What is the Victorian Energy Upgrades Program rebate for 2024?

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program is a government energy efficiency program. Households and businesses can receive rebates or discounts on energy-saving products. This helps cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduce energy bills

Energy-efficient products (including split system installations) under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program reduce energy demand and the need to build new energy infrastructure. This, in turn, lowers energy prices for everyone more than the program’s cost.

While those that undertake upgrades through the program will save more, even those who do not participate will save on their bills.

VEU Rebates - Split System Installation Victorian Energy Upgrades Program Geelong

We had a few quotes on our split system, and some varying advice from companies. We chose Ian for a few reasons, including his professional approach, he gave us great advice, he took time to explain the positioning of  the split systems, which all made sense, he uses quality products and parts, competitive pricing and basically he’s really nice bloke to deal with. We certainly were not disappointed with Ian’s workmanship, his manners and his all round attitude.

The split system was fitted beautifully and all pipes and power cable hidden. Even the pipe work in the roof space and under the floor is incredibly neat, to the point were the building surveyor commented on it! There was no bs with Ian and he was totally reliable and trustworthy, turned up on time every time in what turned out to be a bit of a protracted renovation and extension- he didn’t lose focus once. Can’t recommend Ian enough and friends who have used him have given me great feedback. We are very happy.

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Licensed Type A Gas Plumber Geelong

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Choosing the right size energy saving split system reverse cycle air conditioner for your home

Think carefully about what your household needs from a new reverse cycle air conditioning system. Every household is unique, and this impacts what size is appropriate.

A system that is too small may not be able to properly heat or cool your home.

A system that is too large will cost more to buy and may cost more to run.

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program offers incentives for households to upgrade to reverse cycle air conditioners that can heat and cool. Only products meeting VEU program requirements can be installed. We can help you choose the right split system to ensure you qualify and save money.

Types of reverse cycle air conditioners available with the electricity rebate

  • Single-Split – one outdoor unit connected to one indoor unit, suitable for a single room or open plan area.
  • Multi-split – one outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units, suitable for multiple rooms or whole-of-home.
  • Ducted – one central outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor rooms through ducts and vents, suitable for whole-of-home.

There is a range of systems eligible under the VEU program. Not all products are of the same quality or suitability for all households.

Remember to do your research on products and warranties as they vary between manufacturers.

If you are unsure or would like advice on which split system is right for your home, please call 0458 112 211 to free friendly advice.

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