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When you have a gas appliance that needs to be installed, it’s vital to seek out reputable, experienced gas fitting plumber Geelong for the job. When it comes to gas appliances, quality work is not optional; it’s a matter of safety. Incorrectly installed gas appliances can be hazardous and, in the worst cases, lethal!

The Cats Plumbing team has the gas fitting plumber knowledge and expertise to perform all of your gas fitting appliance installation needs. As experienced Geelong gas fitting plumbers, Cats Plumbing knows how to install a wide range of new and old gas appliances. Most importantly, we know all the right safety protocols and guidelines to ensure that appliances installations in Geelong are carried out completely safely. When you call on Cats Plumbing, a licensed gas fitter handles the correct installation of your gas appliance, no matter the size. All of our work meets the proper safety regulations and guarantees quality workmanship.

With decades of experience behind us, we can install all kinds of gas appliances in both commercial and residential settings. From the largest commercial sized gas appliances to the smallest in-cupboard gas appliances, Cats Plumbing puts the same determination, attention to detail and focus into our work to ensure a safe, successful installation every time.

Gas Plumber Geelong

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Gas appliances are increasingly popular in Australia. In fact, many Australians will choose a gas appliance over an electric one if ever given the choice. There is a good reason for this, as gas appliances offer a host of benefits to their users. These benefits include:

  • They are immediately heat-responsive – no more waiting for a stove to heat up and cool down, which risks spoiling a dish
  • Gas appliances offer more even heat distribution
  • They are more targeted with regards to heat and waste less heat than electric appliances
  • Gas appliances are less expensive to run and operate (more environmentally friendly too!)
  • You can use a gas appliance even if you have no electricity as most gas appliances have solenoids built in to control the gas.

While there are many praises to be sung for gas appliances, they must be properly maintained to remain in proper working order. At Cats Plumbing, our licensed gas fitters are fully qualified and experienced in carrying out gas servicing for all of your appliances. To ensure that your gas appliances are safe, efficient and functioning at their full potential, it is recommended that you service them at least once every 2 years. Whether you have a gas stove, oven, fryer or BBQ, the Cats Plumbing team can keep them well serviced and in good working order year-round.

Gas Appliance Repairs Gas Fitting Plumber Geelong

Cats Plumbing offers our clients more than 30 years of combined experience in gas appliance installation, services and repairs. With experts that you can rely on, you need never have a gas appliance worry again. When one of your appliances isn’t functioning correctly, it can be extremely inconvenient for you and your family. Thus, we strive to fix or maintain your appliance to its proper working condition as quickly as possible. Our licensed gas fitters are the best people to turn to for any gas repairs you may need in Geelong. Not sure if your gas appliance is in need of repairs? Here are some signs you may need Cats Plumbing’s gas appliance repairs services:

  • Have you noticed an abnormal odour?
  • Are you hearing strange sounds coming from the appliance?
  • Is all of your food coming out burnt or undercooked?
  • Have you noticed electrical problems such as the oven taking too long to turn on?
  • Do you have any faulty gas burners?
  • Is it flickering or failing to turn up to its usual full heat setting?
  • Is your gas oven taking much longer than usual to preheat?
  • Is your oven door not opening and shutting correctly?

No matter the gas appliance or work required, Cats Plumbing can carry out any and all repairs quickly and safely.

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