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Air Conditioning Split System Installation

Posted on: March 21, 2022 by
Neil Forrester.
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At Cats Plumbing, we are happy to install any brand of split system air conditioner that our Geelong area clients prefer to have in their home.
As with most businesses, there are brands that we have more familiarity with, brands that we tend to fit more of, and also recommend for the split system air conditioning install we carry out.

Air Conditioning Brands

Some of there brands we recommend include Hitachi, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Our aircon install team install a large number of these two brands, because we find they offer the best in build quality, durability, economy of power, so cheap to run for the client.

The Geelong area includes of sizeable amount of older housing stock. These homes do not represent a straightforward space to cool or heat- they were not designed, back in the day, for central heating or cooling, and retro-fitting heating & cooling into these homes can prove problematic.

The split system air conditioner is an excellent solution for providing heating & cooling comfort to these Geelong homes. It can be installed with relative ease, and can easily cool & heat at least the room it is installed in, sometimes even more than one space, if the position of the indoor unit allows for it.

The beauty of refrigerated air conditioning, is that not only does it cool the air in the space, but that it also removes any excess humidity that may develop during those (fortunately few) muggy summer days that can crop up.

Affordable Aircon Installation

Cats plumbing has a proven track record of providing high quality install work, at an affordable price. We use only the best premium materials- with our Geelong aircon plumbers, each job is carried out as if the property were our own home.

Modern split system air conditioners do not break the bank in terms of running costs. The belief that air conditioners are expensive to run are outdated. Back in the day, the old style units, with their single-stage, reciprocating compressors, were power-hungry appliances. The running costs of these units could be formidable, especially if the unit was oversized. Todays inverter-drive splits, with their variable frequency drive compressors, are remarkably efficient in terms of running costs. Sure, they still use electricity to run, but just a mere fraction of the power used by older units.

With that in mind, perhaps its time to replace that old, power-guzzling split system that you have, and modernise with a 2019 spec, modern frugal split system air conditioner.

If this sounds familiar to you, please feel free to Call Now, to speak with Cats Plumbing- an email, SMS, IM or phone message would be replied to in a timely fashion, in order to keep your Geelong area home “in the comfort zone”. Our split system plumbers are ready and waiting for your business!

So if you’re moving in to your new property, renovating your beloved castle, just looking to modernise from the noisy clanking old aircon unit out the back, or looking to replace the unit that just died.

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Cats Plumbing, we’ve got you covered- call 0458 112 211, email at or look us up at @catsplumbgas on Facebook.


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