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Posted on: January 25, 2024 by
Neil Forrester.
Gas Safety Compliance Checks Geelong

Ensuring with gas safety compliance regulations is non-negotiable, especially for landlords. Failure to adhere to The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 can result in severe consequences, such as unlimited fines or even imprisonment for up to six months. Fortunately, Cats Plumbing simplifies the process with these five essential tips.

Gas Safety Compliance Check - Cats Plumbing

Biannual Gas Safety Compliance Check

Scheduled gas safety checks are mandatory every 24 months for rented properties, but waiting the full period isn’t necessary. Cats Plumbing recommends planning for an inspection 10-12 months after the previous one or during a change in tenancy. To secure access, initiate the planning process early, and ensure the inspection is conducted by a VBA certified Type A Gas Appliance registered engineer.

Responsibility for Pipework and Appliances

Landlords are responsible for the pipework and provided appliances, while tenants are accountable for their gas appliances. However, including tenant-owned appliances in the inspection is advantageous for overall safety assurance. It minimizes concerns and ensures the comprehensive safety of all gas-related aspects within the property.

Create a Gas Safety Record

Maintaining accurate records is crucial for compliance. After an inspection, Cats Plumbing engineers complete a gas safety record, containing detailed information such as the description and location of each checked appliance, the engineer’s credentials, inspection dates, property address, and any identified safety-related defects along with remedial actions.

Secure Recordkeeping

The gas safety record must be stored for a minimum of two years, either in physical or digital format. If opting for electronic storage, ensure the ability to produce a physical copy when needed, accurately identify the Gas Safe engineer, and implement security measures to prevent loss or theft.

Provide Copies to Tenants

Within 28 days of completing a gas safety check, landlords must furnish tenants with a copy of the record. It’s advisable to provide this alongside other essential documents, like the property’s energy performance certificate and deposit protection information, to new tenants. Failure to provide these documents may lead to tenant complaints to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Additionally, Cats Plumbing encourages tenants to familiarise themselves with gas mains shut-off procedures and understand appropriate actions in case of a gas emergency. For more details, visit our dedicated Landlord Gas Safety Inspection page:

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